Purchasing or selling your first home?

Purchasing or selling a home may represent one of the most significant financial transactions of your life. Finding the right attorney can make all the difference.

A Firm with a Focus

At Katos Law, PLLC, the purchase or sale of your home will be handled -start to finish- by an attorney who has dedicated his or her career to the practice of real estate law.

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Buying or selling a home can be one of the most significant -and stressful- financial transactions of your life.  Regrettably, many first-time homebuyers and homeowners often find themselves navigating an unregulated and volatile market without real guidance.  Brokers, eager to collect hefty commissions, urge couples and families into transactions worth a lifetime of savings, with little thought to the consequences.  Financial institutions pour piles of paperwork into the hands of inexperienced borrowers, hoping to bind them to thirty-year contracts.  Laws designed to protect consumers are frequently unhelpful, and can even disrupt a closing.  And critically, every transaction is governed by a purchase and sale agreement that reflects the outcome of tense negotiations between adversarial parties.

The answer for many of the challenges faced by buyers or sellers real estate can found by securing an experienced, attentive attorney whose primary duty is to zealously represent you.  Therefore, the cheapest legal option is not always the best.  At Katos Law, PLLC, you will not be bounced around between busy associates, or end up having your file handled largely by paralegals.  Instead, the purchase or sale of your home will be managed carefully by a single, licensed attorney -from start to finish.  Furthermore, there are no litigators, matrimonial or general practice attorneys at this firm seeking to supplement their business with your off-chance transaction.  At Katos Law, PLLC, our attorneys have dedicated their careers to transactional law.

We charge a flat fee for our typical homebuyers and homeowners, so you can always feel comfortable calling or visiting to discuss your purchase or sale without worrying about the clock or what your final invoice will look like.  There are also some flat fee options for our large or investment clients.

Large Commercial Transactions

In addition to his eight years in the practice of real estate law, Argyrios M. Katos has been a partner in a commercial property consulting and investment firm for over a decade, and is intimately familiar with the complex nature of today’s commercial investment. If you are an investor seeking to engage legal counsel for any substantial real estate transactions, then you owe it to yourself to hire counsel devoted to transactional law – counsel that will help identify the practical, legal, financial and environmental issues that could potentially sink your transaction. The fee for our commercial services is capped at a quarter point.

A Full Range of Transactional Services

Whatever your transactional needs, Katos Law, PLLC, can provide the knowledge, attention and experience necessary to get your deal closed.

Sales and Acquisitions

1-3 Family
Multiple Dwellings
Mixed Use
Commercial or Retail


Conventional Loans
Bridge Financing


Commercial & Residential
National Tenants
Fully Customized Leases Available


Entity Formation
Purchase or Sale of Business

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